Air Duct Cleaning Apex Nc

Contact Celtic Duct Cleaning for professional air duct cleaning in Apex, NC. If you are looking for air duct cleaners to provide an expert touch that will keep your indoor air quality top-notch all year long, then Celtic Duct Cleaning is the right company for you.

There are four main things that you should take into consideration when pricing an air duct cleaning job. For example:

1. The size of your home or building

Celtic Duct Cleaning keeps it simple for ourselves and for our clients. The bigger your space is, the more ductwork and vents that will need to be cleaned, the higher the price is going to be. Our prices are flat rates based on the square footage of the place we're servicing. If you are looking for a quote, all you need to tell is the square footage of the home or building you need serviced.

2. The type of duct cleaning equipment needed to clean the ductwork

Any time you hire a duct cleaning company, you will do well to pay attention to the type of equipment that is being used. Companies that use shop vacs probably can't reach the mainline of your system, which means they'll only get about 80% of the dirt and dust in your air ducts at the most. The main line is where the largest amount of dirt, dust, and debris settles.

3. The advertised price

Don't believe the hype! A lot of times, people come across air duct cleaning coupons online or in magazines that seem too good to be true. If you find these coupons yourself, just know that this is the oldest trick in the book. Avoid this scam altogether by not referring to these dishonest advertising ploys. The fact is; the prices are so low on these coupons because the companies will typically only do some very basic work. If you want them to finish the job, then you will have to pay extra, which typically ends up being as much or more than you would have paid another company in the first place.

4. Certified companies

Of course, you might spend a few more dollars hiring a company that is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, but you'll be guaranteed to work with a professional who uses the best practices, technology, and equipment to deliver great work every time.

Choose Us for Air Duct Cleaning in Apex, NC

Celtic Duct Cleaning is a reputable duct cleaning company that uses flat-rate pricing so that our clients know exactly what they will pay every time. What we quote is what you will pay and not a penny more!

Our flat rates are based on the square footage of your home or establishment. One price covers thorough HVAC cleaning. We guarantee that you will have no last-minute extras, fine print, or hidden fees when you hire Celtic Duct Cleaning for air duct cleaning in Apex, NC.

Air Duct Cleaning Apex Nc

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Air Duct Cleaning Apex Nc

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