Junk Removal Long Island

When you need professional junk removal in Long Island, call the experts at Cleanout Express to handle the job. They’ll take care of your junk removal needs fast, efficiently and affordably, with less cost and less work on your part than renting a dumpster.
Cleanout Express proudly provides junk removal in all of NYC, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and beyond. If you have junk you want to remove and are looking for an affordable, quick and easy solution Cleanout Express will manage the situation for you.
Yard cleanup services and junk removal in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and NYC has never been easier. Cleanout Express’ trash, debris and removal company specializes in backyard junk and cleanup for homes. Whether you’re selling your home, moving, renovating or just need to get rid of that unwanted clutter, junk and trash- Cleanout Express can help. Their award-winning cleanout teams will remove everything from furniture, appliances, carpets, household items, clothing, construction debris, trees and much more!
Need an office clean-out? Cleanout Express will help you remove and haul away the unwanted items in your office space including furniture, old office equipment, electronic waste removal, office trash, and more. With their all-inclusive trash removal service, up-front price for office removal cleanup and convenient scheduling, you don’t have to worry about who’s going to haul away your trash. Their trucks can remove single trash items or multiple truckloads. More than 95% of Cleanout Express’ jobs are completed within 24 hours making them your one stop solution so you can move on to other matters that are more important.
Cleanout Express also provides hotel junk removal cleanouts in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and all neighboring cities. Cleanout Express will come to you and remove bedbug infested mattresses and furniture, seal and tape everything to prevent spreading and infesting other areas and prevent cross contamination. They provide carpet removal as well so if you are unsure of anything just ask, most likely they will remove it. Hotel cleanouts include disassembling old furniture, removing non-working refrigerators, old mattresses and more.
Cleanout Express offers clean-ups and clean-outs for Attorneys and their clients. If you use the same title closer when selling your home, once you use Cleanout Express, you’ll never use anyone else. Your clients will be completely satisfied as they will be able to prepare for the sale of a property. They make clean up easy and their timely removal ensures your client’s property is free of unwanted cutter and debris. Cleanout Express’ junk removal serves all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and all of NYC.
With Cleanout Express, no job is too big or too small- they welcome all clients and any type of trash, rubbish, garbage or junk removal anywhere in Long Island, Queens, the Bronx and all neighboring cities. Call Cleanout Express at 718-658-0979 or visit online at cleanoutexpress.com. You’ll be glad you hired the professionals!

Junk Removal Long Island

Cleanout Express – Junk Removal Queens

(718) 658-0979

Junk Removal Long Island

106-04 150 Street


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