Water Softener Mesa

Water Softener Mesa

The massive sale of a salt-free water softener picked up the pace at the start of the 21st century as the US Water Systems began their promotion in 2007.

What is a salt-free water conditioner?

Do salt-free water softeners really work? The system filters water by crystalizing calcium and magnesium to prevent hard water, which will form scales in pipes and water heaters. The water conditioner removes hard minerals and alters them through an ionic process that exchanges magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions.

The added sodium causes a bit of controversy because the end product has evident traces. However, scientific tests show that the sodium is minimal and highly unlikely to cause adverse health concerns. These theories lead to albeit marketing strategies that use the term ‘water softener’ to replace the actual state ‘water conditioner.’ Pristine Water Softeners sells water softeners and not water conditioners.

What is the difference between a conditioner and a softener?

Do you need a water softener in Mesa? The conditioner prevents the formation of scales in the plumbing system, while the saltless water softener in Mesa inhibits the formation of scales. We bar the entry of minerals into the home and prevent formidable damage to heaters and other appliances.

What are the best places to use a salt-free water softener?

Water heater

The tankless water heater is the most popular and effective water softener because hot water dramatically accelerates the accumulation of scales. The salt-free softener will save you hefty costs in salvaging a damaged water heater.

Removing existing scale

You can unclog years of scale build-up when you use a whole-house salt-free softener. The water travels downstream and unblocks the entire plumbing system by scraping off the outermost layer until it removes all the scale,

Banned regions

Certain areas in LA, California, and Santa Clarita impose bans on using water conditioners; the salt-free system is the better option because it poses minimal controversy.

What are the benefits of using a salt-free water softener?

Minimal maintenance

What happens to a water softener without salt? Probable damage. The salt-free softener has a low maintenance system because of the single cartridge or tank install. We do not include storage tanks and other strategic installs to initiate the backwash process.

The salt-free system does not need constant replacement of the media every couple of years. It takes minimal effort to sustain the whole house system because one only needs a couple of liters to last several years.

Environmental friendliness

The salt-free system does not have to go through regeneration cycles. Therefore, you will protect the environment by allowing the water to go straight to the tankless heater.

Diverse applications

Our Mesa saltless water softener is available in various flow rates and sizes. What is the best no salt water softener? You can install the minimal cartridge system alongside other filtration systems to improve the product.

Is the salt-less option the better way to go?

An excellent conclusion about the system is that it does not waste as much water as other filtration systems. They are less costly to operate and offer a massive advantage to many different applications. Be sure to deal with a company that will not use high-pressure tactics to install substandard systems. Contact our specialist (480-641-4464) for more details on the installation of a saltless water softener in Mesa to match your water usage and budget,

Water Softener Mesa

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